About us

Background story

Fly High Aeromedia started in the summer of 2020 and we have been growing very fast ever since. Our goal is to produce high-quality photos and articles. And since our start, our articles have been published in many magazines from all over the world. And off course we are very proud of that! This is possible by working hard and investing a lot of time in our contacts. And this is not only about our military contacts, but also our contacts with the many magazines that have expressed their confidence in us. We are and will always be looking for new opportunities and we do not shy away from new challenges when it comes to photography.

What we are doing and our services

Our main goal is photography. Our main focus is military photography, but we also like to photograph the planes of the different Police Air Supports, HEMS, Search & Rescue, firefighting, Red-Air, offshore, maritime services (incl. windturbines) through Europe and abroad. We were unable to highlight some of these tasks, but this certainly has our attention. That is why we can offer various services such as aerial photography, documentary photography, portrait photography and also night shots. Besides our photography we can offer also film. We are working with a professional cameraman who is able to visualize all activities within your organization in a professional manner. Off course we can offer you our visual material so that you can use it as promotional material. If you would like to have an article from your unit or squadron in the international magazines and we are able to photograph you, the aircraft, the personnel, please let us know this. We are certain that we can always find something for you and your organization.

Our team

As aviation photographers, we want to make dynamic images that depict action. We are constantly looking for opportunities and challenges. We have a strong will to produce dynamic images full of action that capture the moment. We are always pushing to learn and to expand our capabilities. This motivation results in a lot of international publications in renowned magazines, and a stunning portfolio.

Meet our motivated photographers and journalists below:


Photographer – Journalist – Main contact specialist 


Roelof-Jan Gort started photographing military aircraft in the early 1990s. Because he lived very close to Soesterberg Air Base (former air base of the US Air Force), he was found there very often. Since then he has visited many air shows and exercises in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. From 2012 he decided to collaborate with some other photographers where he was able to make many trips and base visits through Europe and the Middle East. During this period he was the main point of contact for the requests and the many magazines they worked with. In 2020 he decided to start with a new medium (FlyHighAeromedia.com) and asked Bjorn van der Flier whether he was interested in working together. Besides he is our main contact person, he is also responsible to keep our website up to date.

Bjorn van der Flier

Photographer – Journalist – Social media specialist 

Björn got hooked on aviation in the late 80’s, early 90’s. during his freetime he mostly was found at Soetserberg Airbase, and eventually started photographing. In the many years that followed he made a lot of trips to airshows and airbases around the world. Eventually he turned his hobby into his work when he became an aircraft engineer and started working with aircraft. Björn joined some trips with Roelof jan Gort before they decided to start Flyhigh Aeromedia to team up. BJÖrn will take care of the social media most off the time.